Bridgerton, A Lesson In Finding Love

Bridgerton, A Lesson In Finding Love

Bridgerton burst onto our screens in 2020, before the world was plunged head first into a pandemic and it was an instant hit on Netflix. 82 million households tuned into the first series and its recently released second season is already proving to be just as popular. 

Why, you ask? If nothing for its X-rated scenes, perhaps? Nothing like a bit of full-frontal nudity to bring in the viewers. Sure we all know sex sells but word of warning, watching the Duke of Hastings pleasuring Daphne Bridgerton up against a ladder will probably leave your grandmother choking on her tea. 


Intimate Moments Got Everyone Talking

Less is more is clearly not a phrase producers had heard of first time round and it definitely did the trick as the show’s most intimate moments had everyone talking. So much so, that fans were outraged when season two didn’t deliver the goods and was severely lacking in raunchy scenes - because, let’s be honest, that’s the only reason they’re tuning in. 

Without everyone getting it on at every opportunity, Bridgerton - a show that attempts to put a contemporary spin that arguably no one asked for on the classic period drama - becomes massively overrated and its predictable and slow storyline gets, dare I say it, even slower. 

The Crown Is Fiction Not Fact!

The Crown Is Fiction Not Fact!

Dating Lessons

However, the regency-inspired series could actually teach modern day daters a thing or two when it comes to finding a match. You see, dating today requires minimal effort and has become nothing but a few swipes here and there. When did it become old-fashioned for a man to ask a woman out, god forbid, in person?

Gone are the days of chivalry, respect and playing hard to get. You have to question the appeal of trying to find a suitor when the world of dating apps has allowed the younger generation to become nauseatingly shallow and far too available. 

Daters are glued to their phones, uploading pictures of themselves that have been heavily edited so they no longer resemble themselves, and easily rejecting a match because the second photo down of them holding up a fish gives them the ‘ick’. 

One knockback is barely a bruise to the ego as there’s thousands more profiles waiting in the wings for you to judge in three seconds flat. There’s no need to make a good impression, as quite frankly most people no longer care.

Fundamental Principles Of Dating

In Bridgerton, the fundamental principles of traditional dating are far more direct and it was a time that upheld far more value in romance as a whole. We see Daphne and the Duke actually getting to know each other before (very enthusiastically) rolling around in the sheets, as they were forced to meet to build a relationship. 

Believe it or not, a woman back then wanted to be chased and she didn’t make it easy for any man - the Duke couldn’t slide into Daphne’s DMs or match with her on Tinder he had to, one, approach her in person in public and, two, woo her with conversation and charm not an online profile. Shock horror. 

A gesture, like buying flowers or asking a girl to dance, went a long way, now it’s a quick message reading ‘your place or mine?’. Doesn’t exactly scream heartthrob, does it?

Equally, women knew they were a prize to be won and they used it to their advantage, milking it for all it’s worth to grab their suitor’s attention. They wouldn’t settle for the first man that approached them at a regency ball, so why should girls nowadays? 

It’s fair to say that back then women would often find themselves having to marry a man their family had already approved. Yes, arranged marriage is barbaric, but family approval is undeniably important. 

Sadly, dating these days barely reaches the stages of introducing the parents. How can it when you’re dating a different guy or girl each day of the week? 

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Take Note Daters Of Today!

At least in the traditional age of Bridgerton, there was still an air of romance and a desire to find love. Now it’s a frivolous want to find the next notch on the bedpost and a challenge to get through all your matches before they expire. 

Bridgerton, however, can be a reminder of a much simpler and arguably more honest time when men and women weren’t easily disposable and being a ‘gentleman’ actually meant something. Daters today, you’d do well to take note.



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