Disney Going Woke Is A Huge Concern

Disney Going Woke Is A Huge Concern

Like many of you, Lord Ping grew up watching Disney movies and many of my childhood memories stem from sitting in front of a television set and being transported to the magical world of animation. 

Before the days of Netflix and the Internet, we had dusty cinemas and grainy, black-and-white home televisions. It was here that my earliest memories of Disney were made and they have stuck with me through my years. 


Disney's Traditional Values

So many of us were, and still are, enamored by the stories, characters, and soundtracks in these classics and, perhaps best of all, the portrayal of old-school values that we duly took with us into our adult lives.

Walt Disney himself stated that his most valuable lesson was that good always triumphs over evil. Another lesson Mr. Disney was keen to impart was that romance should be kept as traditional as possible and that family values really do reign supreme. 

To put it simply, Disney is partly responsible for building the minds of many of my generation and our successes in life perhaps wouldn’t have been possible without it. When Mr Disney died, he left behind an empire that was committed to teaching young people the difference between right and wrong. 

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Tearing Down Wholesome Beliefs

But not anymore. Just like modern universities, Disney’s left-wing agenda is so obvious it’s visible from space and it’s raising serious red flags with me. No longer is Disney interested in showcasing traditional values or displaying the virtues of being a good person, but instead it’s become hellbent on tearing down wholesome beliefs and portraying toxic Marxist tendencies. 

For those who are unaware, the Disney corporation has outright banned any gender greetings at Disney World and Disneyland. This means employees will no longer be allowed to say ‘’ladies and gentleman’’ or ‘’boys and girls’’ on its premises. I’m serious. What’s next? A mandatory reading of The Communist Manifesto before employment? 

Left-Leaning Post Apocalyptic Wasteland

Formerly known as the ‘’happiest place on Earth’’, Disneyland is fast becoming a left-leaning, post apocalyptic wasteland where people can’t use gendered greetings without fear of being sued to the back teeth or canceled into the depths of oblivion. 

Even their films have been infected with the woke virus. Take a look at their ‘racism’ warnings on their classic films The Jungle Book and Peter Pan. Take a look at the emasculation of Buzz Lightyear - a character whose transformation from powerful space ranger to woke space cadet is as alarming as it is laughable.

Disney is supposed to provide escapism from this crazy world. Their products are meant to immerse us in a world radically different from the one we live in - not to remind us of it. 

I, for one, will cancel my upcoming trip to Disneyland as I don’t want to be greeted with the pitchforked mobs of the Woke Brigade if I accidentally misgender Little Bo Peep or refer to Peter Pan as a ‘’boy’s film’’. 

Halfwit Boris Should Remain In Number 10

Halfwit Boris Should Remain In Number 10

Youth Being Spoon-Fed Backward Values

I really do feel for the youth of today. They’re too young and too impressionable to know that they’re being spoon-fed such backwards values and ideals. 

They have no idea what it’s like to grow up in a world where Christian values are prioritised over left wing lunacy. Disney has, without a doubt, been neutered by the PC brigade and left a shell of its former self. 

Soon, these kids will be off to university for the final stage of their radicalisation. They’ll enter a world radically different from the safe spaces and support bubbles they’re used to and God only knows what’ll happen after that. 

So, if you’re planning on a trip to Disneyland this summer, beware and perhaps make this the last time you visit. Another thing to keep in mind is that the deafening noise of the rollercoasters and PC-approved music will be used solely to cover up the sound of Walt Disney turning in his grave.



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