Fully Agree With Rees-Mogg’s Defence Of Boris


The esteemed Jacob Rees-Mogg recently defended Boris Johnson after the Prime Minister was booed at the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

Rees-Mogg, who is the Minister of State for Brexit Opportunities, dismissed the small minority of Johnson critics as ‘mere bagatelle’ and even stated that the occasional bit of booing was a good thing.

I’m inclined to agree with him. Any strong response, regardless of whether it’s good or bad, is an indication that a politician is acting on emotion from their people. Those who boo Jonhnson are overwhelmingly outnumbered by those who cheer, clap, and even cry for him - like I do. 


World-Class Leadership

How lucky we are to have two generational leaders at Britain's helm at the same time. In Johnson and Rees-Mogg, this wonderful nation has a pair of world-class leaders taking it into a new, more prosperous era. 

You’ve heard me wax lyrical about Jacob Rees-Mogg before, and I’m going to do it again as I will never tire of it. Seen by some as archaic and Dickensian, the charismatic MP is the last thread Britain has to its wonderful past. His charming personality, lazer-sharp wit, and admiration of British traditions makes him the crown jewel of British politics in my eyes. 

Speaking before the recent vote on Mr. Johnson’s leadership, Rees-Mogg stated: ‘I obviously want the Prime Minister to get as big a majority as possible. I think that would be helpful and it would close this matter down between now and the next general election, which would be good for the country, good for the Conservative Party, but one is enough.’’ 

I Have Total Confidence In Boris

I Have Total Confidence In Boris

Sir Jacob A Future Leader

It seems everything this man says is right on the money. In my many years of analyzing UK politics, I have yet to come across a man so in-touch with my vision for the country. Known as Sir Jacob in my household (though, admittedly, I live alone),I consider Rees-Mogg to be the country’s ace-in-the-hole for future leadership should he ever decide to run for PM. 

The public needs to be careful of what it wishes for. Citizens, as well as some Tory MPs, may think the grass is greener, but booing the PM at an event as sacred as the Platinum Jubilee should be an arrestable offense. 

Boris Standing Firm

In a fiery statement, a spokesperson for the PM stated: ‘The Prime Minister is firmly of the view that he will not be distracted from the key issues facing the UK and around the world. That is illustrated by the call he had with Zelensky [The Ukrainian President] this morning.’ 

I clapped my hands as I read that statement and I’m sure Sir Jacob did the same. Why, in this perilous domestic and global situation, is the public so hellbent on removing Johnson from office? Like many things in this modern world, it makes zero sense to me. 

No matter how crazy this world gets, I can take solace in the fact we have Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson watching over us. Like a pair of guardian angels, these two great men will be looking over us at night and ensuring that our lives are as problem-free as possible. Despite heavy questioning, Rees-Mogg is adamant that he has not been forced to publicly back the PM and instead doing so on his own free-will and accord. 

If only there was a way to make both men the Prime Minister. Should that ever happen, then Britain would see its most prosperous era for a generation and the nation would take back its rightful place as the very best country on the planet. 


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