I Am In Awe Of Her Majesty


I’m not often awestruck, but the more and more I learn about our Queen, the more I’m convinced she really was born to rule over us. 

The past two years have seen Her Majesty stand resolute in the face of scandal, abandonment, and loss. First, she had to deal with the shocking behavior of her son, Andrew, before she suffered witnessing the shameful actions of Harry and Meghan. Just as it looked like peace had been restored, her husband passed away a few months shy of his 100th birthday. 


The Queen Typifies British Courage

For most, this would be enough to drive them to breaking point. But not our Queen. Displaying typically British courage, she heroically continued her royal duties before the COVID-19 virus found its way into her life. 

The Queen is 95 and is, sadly, in the twilight of her glorious reign. One thing we’ll all need to accept is that she won’t be on the throne forever and there’ll be a time when we’ll be singing God Save The King at football matches or in our local pubs. It sounds alien, I know, but it is sadly inevitable. 

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say I was distraught when I heard the news. After all the elderly monarch has been through, it seemed unfair and cheap that her wonderful life could be ended by a foreign virus. 

For days, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t focus, and found myself literally hyperventilating on my way to work. I felt like my whole world was closing in on me. It was a rough time for me and my loved ones, who had to endure my constant worrying and malaise. 

The Crown Is Fiction Not Fact!

The Crown Is Fiction Not Fact!

Of Course She Made A Full Recovery

What was I worried about? Of course, The Queen made a full recovery from COVID-19 and is now ready to get back to work. I almost feel that my worry over her health was blasphemous.

I feel great shame even contemplating that this virus could overpower our greatest ever ruler and can now understand why Medieval monks performed self-flagellation when they dared criticize those in power. 

During her illness, Her Majesty received plenty of care and alterations were made to her schedule to ensure a speedy recovery. Though the disease affected her slightly, it failed to land a serious punch on our monarch or indeed any of the infected members of the Royal Family. Maybe they really are superhuman and birthed from stronger stuff. 

Virtual Meeting

In a virtual meeting, Her Majesty stated that her bout with COVID left her feeling ‘’very tired and exhausted’’. Proving she’s still very much in-touch with the public, she described the pandemic as ‘’horrible’’ and she’s very much correct. 

I can’t imagine how hard the pandemic has been on the Royals as they’ve been unable to visit any Commonwealth countries and have, through no fault of their own, left their citizens starved of Royal facetime. 

COVID Never Stood A Chance

The reality is, COVID had no chance against The Queen. This is a woman who served in World War Two, birthed four children, has overseen the reigns of 14 Prime Ministers, and has had to endure years of outrageous psychobabble by left-wing, anti-monarchy turncoats. If The Queen can endure those, an Asian virus is a proverbial walk in the park. 

My depression evaporated once I heard The Queen had made a full recovery. I’m not one for spiritualism, but I really did feel like I had received a gift from the heavens. 

Though the reminder of her reign may be short, I’m ecstatic that Her Majesty isn’t going away anytime soon. Like a superhero, she has risen from the ashes and defeated the public enemy known as COVID-19. Even at her age, she still inspires us all. 



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