I applaud You Boris

I applaud You Boris

Every great British leader has their defining moments. For Churchill, it was delivering his victory address to the public after World War Two. For Thatcher, it was walking out of the rubble of her bombed Brighton hotel without a scratch. 

For Boris Johnson, his defining moment could be apologising to the House of Commons following his role in the Partygate scandal. 


Apologised Unreservedly

Johnson stated that the illegal events were a mistake and added that he apologised for it ‘’unreservedly’’. Speaking at the House of Commons following the Easter break, Boris refused to resign and dismissed talks that he may throw in the towel.  He was also fined £50 for his involvement and thus became the first sitting British Prime Minister to be fined for breaking the law. 

However, Boris is also the first Prime Minister to oversee three different crises during his reign. Though it may be tempting to compare him to past leaders, we must view his time in office in context and only judge him based on his actions of the unprecedented events that have taken place under his watch. Brexit, COVID, and the cost of living crisis have all unfolded in front of his eyes and there’s been nothing he could do about any of those. 

I Am In Awe Of Her Majesty

I Am In Awe Of Her Majesty

Resolve And British Spirit

Though his doubters will scoff, the Prime Minister showed great resolve and traditional British spirit by facing up to his mistakes and taking ownership of them. If you ask me, this is exactly the kind of attitude this country needs as it basks in the warm, embracing glow of post-Brexit sovereignty. 

Personally, I don’t think Partygate was a Boris Johnson creation. As the figurehead of this great nation, our Prime Minister was probably too busy working on the UK’s world-class vaccination program or delivering Churchillian speeches on TV to even contemplate having a boozy meet-up with his fellow MPs. Even if he did, I think we can excuse his faux-pas as we can only imagine how stressful his job is at any time, let alone during the drudgery of 2020. 

Boris Is A Great Example

Leaders like Boris are a shining example of what politicians should aspire to be. Our Prime Minister is open, honest, and completely transparent when it comes to his previous gaffes and errors and I tip my hat to him for bravely facing the firing line. Yes, he was wrong for breaking the rules as the public were locked down, but I’m willing to let bygones be bygones and draw a line in the proverbial sand and move on with my life. 

Despite what his many critics may think, it is possible for a politician to make a mistake and continue with their career. If you ask me, talking about Boris resigning is nonsensical as we need his calm, clear, and steady leadership now more than ever before. 

Woke Brigade At It Again

Woke Brigade At It Again

We Must Stand By Boris

Britain is in a precarious place right now and the last thing we need is discussion about chopping and changing the Prime Minister every time they let themselves down. With so many potential threats on our horizon and a cost of living crisis gripping the nation, we must stand with our Prime Minister no matter what the circumstances are.

Remember, kids, it’s not cool to talk ill of the Prime Minister for the sake of it. Words can’t express how proud I am of Johnson for his misty-eyed apology. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank the heavens I live in such a great country, and I look forward to spending the remainder of my years under its skies. 

So thank you, Boris Johnson, for reminding us what being British is all about - facing challenges head on, working hard, and being honest for making a rare blunder. 



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