I Condemn The Airport Crisis, Go To Blackpool!


Huge queues have broken out at airports all over the country and cities like Birmingham, London, and Manchester have seen their airports flooded with angry, jaded passengers hoping for an early summer getaway. Upon arrival, these travellers have felt the wrath of understaffed airports and general post-Covid confusion. 

The coronavirus pandemic has caused mass staff shortages at airports, and some of the larger ones need to employ thousands of staff to keep up with demand. In Manchester, some passengers faced two-hours waits for security check-ins with queues reaching as far back as the car park. Others have missed their flights entirely and have been reduced to tears as a result. 


Airport Crisis

Such horror stories have emerged up and down Britain. One traveller claimed they were kept waiting on the airbridge for 40 minutes after her flight, whilst another stated they arrived for their flight SIX HOURS early and only managed to reach their flight by a few minutes. 

Hopeful holiday-makers are desperate for a trip away after over two years of travel restrictions. With the school term coming to an end soon and university students finishing for the year, there are plenty of reasons why one would consider going overseas. 

James Corden Please Return To Your Rightful Home

James Corden Please Return To Your Rightful Home

Spellbinding Beauty On Our Doorstep

This, however, upsets me greatly. Do these people not realise that our own country is one of the most beautiful and spellbinding in the world? Yes, there are great European and global cities out there. I’ve been to several, and would argue that the charming villages of Germany or bustling port cities of Italy are some of the best on the entire planet. 

That being said, I cannot believe that the public aren’t educated on the beauty of Britain. We have beaches rivalling some of Spain’s finest, countryside on-par with that of the United States, and a capital city with the richest history on the globe. There is absolutely no need to fork up hundreds of pounds on an overpriced overseas holiday when we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the splendour that is Great Britain. 

Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday

Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday

World Class Blackpool

The airport chaos may be frustrating, but it could be entirely avoided should you decide to spend your holiday fund on domestic shores. Look me in the eyes and tell me Blackpool, for example, isn’t a world-class holiday destination. Not only does it have a charming, rustic, and retro feel, but it’s also home to one of the finest, most iconic pleasure beaches on Earth. For me, the town is just as good as anywhere in Europe and I’m tired of people saying it isn’t. 

There are a plethora of other reasons why we should consider domestic holidays, from the splendour of our own country to the fact that spending our money here would greatly benefit the economy. It seems a no-brainer to stay put and spend the summer travelling up and down this beautiful country and remembering just how good it is to be British. 

Bravo Heinz On Your Patriotic Condiments

Bravo Heinz On Your Patriotic Condiments

Holiday In Britain 

The airport crisis has been ongoing for several months now. I agree with those who say the airports need to get their acts together, but I simply cannot agree with those who state that the only way to enjoy a well-earned vacation is to jet off abroad. 

Whether it’s just ignorance on their end or not, I see no reason why the glorious United Kingdom can’t become the world’s leading holiday destination. We’ve led the world on so many other things, so why can’t we lead on this?

Whilst I sincerely hope the airports get back to normal, perhaps we should take the disruption as a sign that we don’t need to go anywhere to have a world-class summer holiday. 



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