King Charles 50p Coin Marks A New Era


Today marks a new era in British history as the first 50p coins bearing the likeness of the incomparable King Charles III enter circulation. 

It marks the first time a new monarch adorns our currency since 1952. 

An estimated 4.9 million of the coins will grace the pockets of the British public, and I personally cannot wait to see them for the first time.


Uniting A Country

I find it humbling that I, a deeply wealthy man, am finding the same joy in the new 50p coins as the cash-starved and hard-pressed UK public. If there’s one thing the Royal Family knows how to do, it’s to unite the country in a common interest irrespective of their earning power or social pedigree. I find it beautiful that a 50p coin, trash to me but treasure to someone else, can have the power to rally the country and get us excited for the future. 

Rebecca Morgan, director of collector services at UK Mint, said: ‘’Today marks a new era for UK coinage, with the effigy of King Charles III appearing on 50ps in circulation.’’ Before adding: "We anticipate a new generation of coin collectors emerging, with people keeping a close eye on their change to try and spot a new 50p that bears the portrait of our new King."

Harry And Meghan Have Ruined Christmas!

Harry And Meghan Have Ruined Christmas!

A New Era

Morgan certainly is correct. I know that I’ll always remember my King Charles III 50p coin, and I’ll most likely hold on to it for generations. Though it’s heartbreaking not to see our dear Queen on our change or notes, I can barely contain my excitement of knowing I can walk around with the King’s likeness in my wallet. 

The coins depict an image of the King taken on his 70th birthday, with the reverse side showing the four quarters of the Royal Arms. I’m already in love with the coins, almost as much as I’m in love with the brief but brilliant reign of King Charles III.

A new era in British currency is here. Though the broke public don’t have the luxury of collecting them, I’m in a position to obtain as many of the new 50p coins as I possibly can. 


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