Security Breach For King Charles III


King Charles III had to endure horrifying scenes as an EGG was thrown in his direction during a recent public appearance in York. 

In a scene that brought me chilling flashbacks to the assasination of John F Kennedy, the great King was meeting with his adoring subjects in public before a projectile was thrown his way. Luckily, His Majesty was not struck or harmed during the incident, but the attack has kept me awake since. 

I’m not ashamed to admit I cried into my King Charles pillowcase the other night, as my head was rocked with intrusive thoughts about what could have happened to him in York.


Security Breach

Just eight weeks after assuming the Crown following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the new King has already had his security breached by a member of the public. 

The protester, a 23-year-old student, allegedly exclaimed harmful remarks about the origins of the Royals’ wealth before he was led away by police. Thankfully, others in the crowd did not care for the assailant’s horrific ant-Royal stance, as they loudly cheered ‘God save the King’ as he was led away. 

Witnesses described seeing the man get tackled by the police before being led away for questioning. 

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what should happen to this man. Though I will never condone any violence, or vigilante justice of any kind, I’m still in shock at the magnitude of this crime, and feel as though law and order must prevail. 

Tindall’s Celeb Appearance Is A Worry

Tindall’s Celeb Appearance Is A Worry

London Tower Punishment

An assault on the Royal Family is an assault on Britain itself. After all the pain we’ve been through from the Harry and Meghan scandal in 2020, the death of the Duke of Edinburgh in 2021, and the passing of the Queen in September 2022, the last thing we need is anxiety over the King’s safety.

Maybe a trip to the Tower of London will help set this young man’s behaviour straight. Infamous for its housing of treason-convicted criminals in the Medieval and Early Modern eras, the Tower has long been associated with Royal security and respect. I’m not suggesting that this protester be subjected to the Catherine wheel, however a trip there will surely spook him into submission. 

I thanked God that the eggs missed the King, and can only assume that divine intervention kicked in to guide them off-course. 

King Charles survives - but at what cost? Fears concerning his personal safety have been massively increased, and our great Monarch’s innocence may be permanently damaged. 


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