The Mess At Everton Is Not Lampard’s Fault!


It’s easy to go online and rant about the performances of Premier League managers. They are, after all, ridiculously well-paid and can earn millions from an early dismissal. The prospect of managing a team of talented professional footballers is a dream job for most fans, meaning that it’s easy for managers to fall out of favor if they fail to connect with the fanbase or show enough gratitude for their positions. 

Whilst I don’t agree with the flak received by some managers, I can certainly understand where it comes from. I can condone relevant, constructive criticism of managers, but I can never condone the abuse some bosses get. 


Don’t Blame Lampard

One manager who seems to be in front of the firing line is Frank Lampard. The Chelsea legend has only been at Goodison Park for a few months yet is already under the cosh from certain critics. They point at Everton’s tactics against Liverpool and the poor form of new signings Dele Alli and Donny Van De Beek as evidence Lampard was the wrong appointment and the man who could be the first to relegate Everton from the Premier League. 

I’m here to set the record straight - the mess at Everton is not Frank Lampard’s fault. The iconic midfielder is doing everything in his power to restore the club back to its former glories, and using him as a scapegoat deeply upsets me. 

All Hail The Return Of Social Media!

All Hail The Return Of Social Media!

Blame The Ownership

The real problem at Everton is the ownership and the disastrous reign of Farhad Moshiri. Since taking over in 2016, he’s overseen a massive decline in standards and has alienated the fans against the club completely. 

It’s tough to think of a single highlight from Moshiri’s spell in charge. During his tenure, the so-called ‘people’s club’ has spent hundreds of millions on underwhelming players, frustrating managers, and the vanity project of a potential new stadium. 

The only real, recent positives Blues fans can cling onto are the goalscoring exploits of Romelu Lukaku, the return of Wayne Rooney, and the impressive 18/19 season under Marco Silva. There were glimpses of promise at the start of Carlo Ancelotti’s reign, but the A-list manager never seemed a fit on the blue half of Merseyside and left them high and dry once Real Madrid came calling. 

Who can blame him? Everton is, historically, one of Britain’s great football clubs and has been a sleeping giant for far too long. Much like Newcastle United was, Everton has been content to ‘tick over’ in the Premier League and scrape by. They’ve sold every player showing promise and have splashed big money on flops and has-been stars. 

You only have to look at the similarly-sized West Ham United and Leicester City to find clubs building toward the future sensibility. Both of these clubs have stuck by their managers, trusted in youth, and made sensible decisions in the transfer market. 

Focus On F1 And Not Chelsea, Lewis

Focus On F1 And Not Chelsea, Lewis

Leave Lampard Alone

It’s time we left Frank Lampard alone. He was a world-class player for Chelsea and always played well in an England shirt - one of the few of his generation who did. If you ask me, a young, dynamic, British manager should be celebrated in the Premier League and not be subjected to a barrage of criticism. For all those who love to whine about the lack of English managers in the league, consider that there could very well be more if the media weren’t so quick to judge them. 

The mainstream media love to stoke the fires talking about which manager should be sacked next, and then turn around and complain that an English manager has never won the Premier League. It’s a shocking display of hypocrisy and one that needs to leave our game for good. 

It goes without saying that I fully stand with Frank Lampard and I’m ready to herald in the new breed of exciting British managers to our beloved Premier League. 



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