I Am Very Proud Of Prince William


Prince Willian provided one of the most touching news stories of the year as he embraced an elderly fan with a hug during a Royal tour of Scotland. 

The fan, who is also called William, hugged the future king and couldn’t hold back his emotion upon seeing him in person. The Royal William was unphased and hugged the man back with a big smile on his face.


William Breaks Royal Protocol

Royal custom has always dictated that the public aren’t allowed to get close to, let alone hug, Royals during public appearances. Such an event would have caused an outrage even a few decades ago, but William is determined to build the monarchy in his image and make the institution more approachable and down to earth.

In fact, the whole purpose of his and Kate’s visit was to visit the Wheatley Group in Glasgow to hear first-hand accounts of homelessness in Scotland. The couple were also spreading the word about The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this June - not that any of us need reminding. 

It was on the streets of Glasgow where the two Williams shared an embrace for the ages. As much as I believe in Royal tradition, I do believe some rules were made to be broken. That’s why I fully support Prince William and, I have to admit, I shed a few manly tears when I saw him hugging the delightful pensioner. William has given the man a story he’ll tell future generations and provided some light in his life after the tough couple of years we’ve all experienced. 

Bravo Heinz On Your Patriotic Condiments

Bravo Heinz On Your Patriotic Condiments

William The Crown Jewell 

It’s the little things like this that’ll make William such a beloved monarch. I have no doubt that he’ll be the crown jewel (no pun intended) of the Royal Family’s new generation due to his ‘man of the people’ demeanour and his loving marriage to his amazing wife, Kate, who was also happy to entertain the locals with her abundant charisma and God-given charm.

The happy couple certainly gave the residents of Glasgow an afternoon to remember as they laughed, joked, and posed for pictures with them. Kate looked particularly radiant as she charmed the locals and joined them in some goofy selfies. She was particularly enamoured with some of the local children, who she entertained and gave them a story they can share for the rest of their lives. 

The visit marks a new era in the Royal Family. By the time William is on the throne, gone will be the bowing and curtsy of the old guard, and a new, more friendly approach will take its place. 

Whilst I completely understand that the Royals must evolve, I will still be sticking to tradition and bowing to any Royal I’m lucky enough to see. For me, those in Buckingham Palace still hold enormous gravitas and I believe this must be displayed during every occasion.

I Am Very Proud Of Prince Charles

I Am Very Proud Of Prince Charles

William And Kate Leading By Example

William and Kate's visit to Glasgow isn’t the first time they’ve been able to relate to the public. In 2009, the Duke spent an entire night sleeping rough to better understand the hardships faced by Britain’s homeless population during Christmas. Conditions reached well below freezing and William later said the experience helped him understand the dire conditions those without a home face on a nightly basis. 

I’m immensely proud of William and Kate for their Glasgow visit and hope that their conduct changes of the minds of even the most hardcore of the anti-monarchy brigade. Whether you like the Royals or not, it’s impossible not to respect the wholesale changes underway by the couple as they welcome in a new, more approachable era of our beloved Royal Family. 



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