I Was Delighted To See Our Queen At Paddington


The Queen has brought glee to all by spontaneously visiting Paddington Station to witness the progress on the brand-new Elizabeth line - named in her memory.  

The glorious new line will open to the public on the 24th of May in celebration for the benevolent monarch’s 70th year on the throne. The 96-year-old visited the station with her son, the Earl of Wessex. 

After missing the State Opening of Parliament last week, it was terrific to see The Queen back to her usual self. Her Majesty has been in great form recently - visiting the Windsor Horse Show and the Gallop Through History event this past weekend. By all accounts, The Queen was full of energy and charisma and was excited, as we all are, for her Jubilee celebrations in June.


God Bless Our Queen

To see our wonderful Queen show her human side by visiting Paddington Station made my day and furthered my appreciation for her even more. The story truly warmed my heart and made me a little bit misty-eyed. Donned in sunshine yellow, The Queen walked around historic Paddington Station and was given an Oyster card by awestruck staff. Her Majesty, bless her, didn’t know how to use it and had to be given a demonstration. Monarchs should never pay for travel, after all.

The Queen then unveiled a plaque hidden behind a purple curtain stating that she had officially opened the new line - which is already my favorite one on the London Underground. 

After spending an additional 15 minutes or so at the station, The Queen departed and got back to ruling her divine Kingdom. It may not have been the most newsworthy of visits, but the event was still enough to pull on my heartstrings and unleash a flood of Royal support from me. 

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A New Era Of Sovereignty

What glorious times we live in. The United Kingdom is about to embark on a new era of sovereignty, the Platinum Jubilee is just around the corner, and our Royal Family is as prominent as ever. I’m sure books will be written about this time and future generations will marvel at how good things are right now. Sure, there is a cost-of-living crisis and an ailing economy, but those things aren’t worth mentioning because they don’t affect my life whatsoever. 

I wasn’t alone in my admiration of The Queen’s visit to Paddington Station. Boris Johnson stated: ‘’We’re all incredibly touched and moved and grateful for Her Majesty for coming to open the Elizabeth line today. It was fantastic to see her.’’

Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday

Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday

New Elizabeth Line

How right our Prime Minister is. No matter how big or small the occasion is, it’s always a treat to see The Queen and I will never tire of hearing stories about her day-to-day life. The new Elizabeth line has a lot more to offer than just its name, though, as its presence will make the life of traveling Londoners much easier. 

Running though Shenfield, Abbey Wood, Paddington, and Reading, the line will cut previously-arduous trips in half. For example, a trip from Farringdon to Canary Wharf which currently takes 24 minutes will now take 10. Liverpool Street and Woolwich are currently a 30-minute journey away, but will now be a 15-minute trek with the new line. 

It seems The Queen is helping the public in more ways than one. Not only is she providing them with motivation and almost esoteric wisdom, but her new tube line will make London a smoother, more comfortable place to travel around. 

To say I’m in awe of her would be a huge understatement. She really is the greatest leader we’ve ever known, and the heights of her long reign truly know no bounds. 



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