The Queen’s Return To Work Is Inspiring


Queen, Elizabeth II, has ALREADY returned to Windsor to resume her work duties. This incredible act of stamina may prove my theory that she really is a divine figure. 

This comes after Her Majesty celebrated her 96th birthday before travelling to Norfolk to visit Sandringham Castle. For most her age, the week would be gruelling and it would be very understandable if they needed a few days to recharge their batteries. 

Not our Queen, however. Despite being 96 years of age, our Queen is still as sturdy as ever as she returns to work following her birthday celebrations and is determined to embrace hard work again. What an inspiration she is. Even in her advanced age, and undoubtedly still mourning over her deceased husband, Her Majesty is setting an example to the rest of the country to be valiantly returning to her post.


Leading By Example

What’s your excuse? If The Queen can battle through adversity, fight COVID, celebrate her birthday, and then return to work with sleeves rolled up - why can’t you? I ask myself this every morning if I’m feeling unmotivated or sluggish and it almost always works. 

You see, The Queen isn’t just a great monarch, but she’s also a great motivator and has fueled some of my greatest ever motivation spurts throughout my life. For that, I’m eternally grateful to her and there is no way I could possibly make it up to her. I’ve written several gushing letters to Buckingham Palace, but I completely understand that she is just too busy to respond. 

Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday

Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday

Britain, Get Back To Work!

I consider The Queen’s return to work as a massive wake up call. As Jacob-Rees Mogg rightly pointed out, Britons everywhere (though especially in Whitehall) are ‘living their best lives’ working from home and living in their sweatpants and comfy hoodies. 

Most of these people are fit, young, and have no reason not to be commuting to and from their places of work every day. The fact that they’re shacked up at home even now as our Queen dutifully works away is enough to send my blood to boiling point. 

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t wake up and count my blessings for living under such a wonderful monarch. Her Majesty is feeling refreshed after her birthday celebrations and is ready to observe her kingdom once again, as she has done for the past 70 years. 

What makes The Queen’s return even more impressive is that Windsor, and Sandringham Castles have become somewhat poignant locations for her. A year ago, her long-serving husband Phillip, died at Windsor at the age of 99. 

He also spent a considerable amount of time at Sandringham during his long life. It must’ve been very emotional for The Queen knowing that her departed husband formed such a deep attachment to both locations over the years. 

I Am In Awe Of Her Majesty

I Am In Awe Of Her Majesty

Platinum Jubilee

Her Majesty has a few weeks of normal work before her emphatic Platinum Jubilee celebrations get underway in June. It’s an event I’ve had marked in the diary for over twenty years (such was my faith that she’d still be on the throne) and I’ve already spent hundreds of pounds to prepare. 

It will, without a doubt, be one of the greatest celebrations of my life and will reach a level of festivity previous (and future) generations could only dream of. 

I’d like to take this time to personally salute our Queen for her heroic, brave return to work. Perhaps those in plush government roles at Whitehall should take a look at her as an example of rock-hard work ethic and unbreakable drive. 

The Queen is back at her workplace. It’s time the public followed suit.



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