I Am Horrified With Prince Harry’s Netflix Deal

I Am Horrified With Prince Harry’s Netflix Deal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrate 4 years of marriage on the 19th of May and what a rollercoaster their partnership has been since that sunny day in 2018. 

Since their Royal fallout two years ago, the couple have enjoyed California life and left their Royal careers behind. All this while Harry’s older brother, Prince William, has valiantly stuck by his Royal post and served his country with the most noble honour.


Netflix “At-Home” Series

Recently, it was announced that Harry and Meghan plan on producing a Netflix an ‘at-home’ documentary series about their lives. The show, which will allow cameras into the couple’s multimillion dollar mansion, threatens to shake the roots of the monarchy should they be tempted to share private information and candid stories. 

There have been reports stating that the Sussexes have been working on the show for some time and the show could be released as earlier as this year - despite the fact that 2022 is supposed to be a year where we celebrate the Royals. 

I Was Delighted To See Our Queen At Paddington

I Was Delighted To See Our Queen At Paddington

Lucrative Deal

The show comes after the couple signed a lucrative deal with Netflix in 2020 and agreed to produce content for the streaming giant. Whilst Meghan’s planned animated show, Pearl, was dropped due to budget costs, the docuseries seems to have gained traction and will be on our screens very soon. 

It certainly won’t be on mine, however, as Harry became persona non grata in my eyes after his heartbreaking treatment and overall dismissal of our Royal Family. 

Little did I know four years ago that Prince Harry’s time in the Royal limelight would be so short. His statements and interviews in the subsequent years left me jaded, disappointed, and extremely angry. Millions turned in to the Opera interview last year, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it and instead burrowed my head in the proverbial sand. 

I Am Very Proud Of Prince William

I Am Very Proud Of Prince William

Expect Unfair Royal Depictions

The planned docuseries, I’ve heard, aims to bring an air of transparency to the lives of the Sussexses and showcase their lives in a natural, unbiased way.

But much like The Crown, another series riddled with inconsistencies, I’m sure this new Netflix documentary will have its fair share of errors and unfair depictions of our beloved Royal Family.

Playing fast and loose with the truth is something Netflix has a lot of experience in. Their documentaries seem to value entertainment over truthful historical records and I’m sure this is one of the reasons why Harry and Meghan were so keen to work with them. 

I think it’s a disgrace that this documentary is allowed to air on television without censorship or Royal approval. It boils my blood that filmmakers are so free to criticize our country’s establishment and take such enjoyment in mocking it. Most importantly, though, I’m irate with you - the viewer for lapping up this rubbish with such vigor. This new show is a culmination of Harry being given far too much airtime, and we’re the ones most at fault for this. 

Bravo Piers, Uncensored Is Brilliant!

Bravo Piers, Uncensored Is Brilliant!

I Hope It Fails

I sincerely hope this new series fails spectacularly and nobody watches it. However, I have little hope in the public and can’t see the show being anything other than a commercial success. I urge the Netflix producers, then, to run the programme past Her Majesty first to see if it fits her incredibly high standards. Consider this article a plea that Netflix must do whatever it can to help preserve the sanctity of our noble Royal Family - please, Netflix, do the right thing. 

We must do all we can to guard the tradition of our Royal Family. In an age where it’s considered ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ to lambast it, the devoted Monarchists of Great Britain must band together and stop this awful programme from ever reaching the public’s TV screens. 



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