Reaction To Royal Caribbean Visit Disgraceful

Reaction To Royal Caribbean Visit Disgraceful

Our Royal Family has recently undergone their latest international tour and instead of being greeted at their airport with a chorus of applause and Union Jack-waving families, they’ve been met with yet another round of scorn and condemnation. 

The tour, which took them to Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, was fronted by the ever-enduring William and Kate and marked the first time the couple traveled overseas since 2020.

In those two years, the couple have refused to let the pressures of the pandemic get to them and they’ve focused their efforts on purely domestic visits and obligations. 


Embedding In Local Culture

During their time in the sun-soaked Caribbean, the Royal couple dedicated their time to meeting locals, shaking hands with the local merchants and businesspeople, and inspiring the children. 

Kate even indulged in some conch salad, a local delicacy, leading her to state ‘’I’m a little more adventurous than William is!’’ - proving that even after two years of COVID-inspired hardship, the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t missed a beat and is still as charming as ever. 

Kate even rolled up her sleeves and chopped vegetables at a local Fish Fry - displaying the kind of ‘can do’ attitude and elbow grease-laden work that her native country was built on. It wasn’t all fun and games though, as the happy couple found the time to pay respects at Abaco’s Memorial Wall and remember hurricane victims. 

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Pivotal Year For The Royals

All of this was in celebration of a landmark year as 2022 doesn’t only mark twenty years since the passing of the Queen Mother, but it also marks the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty being on the throne. 

Such a pivotal year is ample reason for celebration, triumph, and remembrance - especially considering the emotional rollercoaster our Royal Family has been through in its recent history. 

You’d think that, after all William and Kate have suffered, that their return to international engagements would muster up some support from us back here in Blighty, but shockingly the opposite has happened. 

Accusations Of Insensitivity 

Through no fault of their own, William and Kate have faced accusations of insensitivity and tone-deafness considering the Caribbean's long battle with colonialism and foreign occupation. 

Whilst I’m not debating this is an issue, I fail to see how this is any of the couple’s fault considering they were not born at the time and have zero control of the past. 

The Royal Couple can only be judged by their own actions. Much to, I’m sure, the chagrin of his younger brother, Prince William is doing a sterling job of representing those in Buckingham Palace and the happy smiles on the faces of the Caribbean locals tells me this so-called outrage has been fabricated by the trigger-happy Woke Brigade who love to speak on behalf of other people.

Halfwit Boris Should Remain In Number 10

Halfwit Boris Should Remain In Number 10

Royal-Bashers To Blame

My outrage solely lies with the British public. Not only does the hip new phenomenon of Royal-bashing make us look bad on the world stage, it’s also indicative of the moral breakdown that this country finds itself in. 

Had I dared to criticize our Royal Family in my youth, I would’ve felt the flat side of my grandfather’s right hand behind my ear and deservedly so. 

After Phillip’s sudden death last April, I spent several hours weeping and lamenting not only the death of a great statesman, but the death of those no-nonsense morals that were so harshly drilled into my generation. 

Shame On You Will Smith

Shame On You Will Smith

Bravo William And Kate

Displaying their usual class and dignity, William and Kate have refused to let the criticism get to them and left the Caribbean smiling, tanned, and prepared to face a grueling journey home. 

So for all those who are outraged, or ‘triggered’, by the overseas excursions of our Royal Family, remember this - your complaints will fall in deaf ears and will instead be drowned out by my cheers as we celebrate the 70th year of the greatest leader this wonderful nation has ever known. 



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