A Lord Ping Guide to Deal or No Deal The Big Draw

Guide to Deal or No Deal The Big Draw


Deal or No Deal the Big Draw was released by Playtech in 2020. Drawing inspiration from the American version of the Deal or No Deal show the live casino game is an intriguing blend of entirely original ideas and something akin to internet keno. Join us as we bring you a comprehensive review of the Deal or No Deal the Big Draw live game. 

Deal or No Deal the Big Draw Game Details


Deal or No Deal The Big Draw


£0.10 - £150


Playtech Live






Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC




Android, Apple, Windows


Does the Gameplay of Deal or No Deal the Big Draw Draw Us In?

Deal or No Deal The Big Draw is a combination of Bingo and the popular TV game show Deal or No Deal. The goal of the game is to beat the banker by either accepting his cash offer for a low-value briefcase or sticking to your guns and settling with the value concealed in the briefcase the banker had been trying to buy. Players who have watched the TV game show before shouldn’t find events too hard to follow, but they are definitely unlike anything we’ve seen in a live casino game from Playtech before. Luckily they have expert hosts on hand to answer any questions you might have.

To take part in the game players will need to buy a ticket. The value of the ticket will directly impact the value of the prizes on offer. While gameplay takes place in stages, the goal of the game is to match seven numbered briefcases to numbered balls chosen from a bingo-style machine in order to qualify for the banker's offer. 

Based on the remaining prizes, the banker next makes a bid for your briefcase. You have two options: accept the deal or keep going after the cash reward that's hidden in your briefcase. Before the game round starts, there are ways to boost the cash rewards in the briefcases. If the player doesn't meet the requirements within the first 20 balls drawn, they can also buy more balls. There are also side betting options - but more on this later. 

Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Gameplay

What’s the Big Draw Behind Deal or No Deal the Big Draw’s Features?

UK fans of Deal or No Deal might not recognise the Deal or No Deal the Big Draw live casino game because it is inspired by the US version. This version is more flashy and big-budget, think glamorous assistants, when compared to the humble community-led feeling of the UK version. The UK version also has a red and blue colour scheme, while the US version is all about gold. Whether you're familiar with the US version or not, it is clear that Playtech has pulled out all the stops with a flashy purpose-built studio, presided over by a smartly dressed host. 

In regards to additional bonus features, the gameplay of Deal or No Deal the Big Draw is unique and complex enough (taking place over multiple stages), meaning that though there is only one additional feature, the Side Bet feature, it doesn’t feel like this game is lacking in entertainment value. 

Every round will always cycle through all 35 balls and the opportunity to switch cases, regardless of whether you've already exited the round. Hundreds of other players might be involved in each round, each with their own deals, prizes, offers, and cases. Therefore for some players, there could be quite a long period of downtime between rounds.

For these situations, Playtech has created a side bet mini-game. This is a straightforward 3x3 card bingo live casino game. It bases its outcomes on the main game's ball draw. Cards cost the same as your original wager. Up to 20 tickets may be purchased, and a card with all six lines will award players with a 100x multiplier.

Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Features

What are the Value of the Deal or No Deal the Big Draw Payouts?

The Dealer or No Deal the Big Draw live casino game has a large range of payouts, just like the variety of prizes on offer in the original game show. The paytable for the game is as follows:

Prize Number


Prize 1


Prize 2


Prize 3


Prize 4


Prize 5


Prize 6


Prize 7


Prize 8


Prize 9


Prize 10


Prize 11


Prize 12


Prize 13


Prize 14


Prize 15


Prize 16



Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Payouts

More Games from Playtech Live

Playtech Live are well-known developer in the live casino niche. They have a bustling portfolio of top games, including Deal or No Deal the Big Draw, and the following two fan-favourite games.

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Play Deal or No Deal the Big Draw on Lord Ping

Deal or No Deal the Big Draw is an exciting and unique live game show that makes players the star of their own episode of the iconic TV game show. If you’d like to play Deal or No Deal the Big Draw or any other great live casino games, then sign up and play today at Lord Ping


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