The Greatest Cards Show Live Gameplay Explained

The Greatest Cards Show Live Gameplay


Played with a money wheel and featuring multiple bonus mini-games, The Greatest Cards Show is one of the live casino games that developer Playtech released in 2022. With a nostalgic circus carnival theme, all the fun of the fair takes place in Playtech's purpose-built studio. Join us as we shuffle through the components of the Greatest Cards Show live game in our comprehensive review.

The Greatest Cards Show Live Game Details


The Greatest Cards Show Live


£0.20 - £200


Playtech Live






Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC


96.67% - 96.47%


Android, Apple, Windows


Does The Greatest Cards Show Live Gameplay Deal a Winning Hand?

The Greatest Cards Show is, oddly enough, not a card game. As a matter of fact, very few real playing cards are used. Rather, the game determines the primary bet's outcome using a large wheel akin to the Wheel of Fortune. This wheel bucks the trend that we’ve seen in most live gameshows since it is horizontal, much like in roulette.  

Predicting which section of the wheel the pointer will fall on after the presenter spins is the aim of The Greatest Cards Show Live. Naturally, when you take into account the unique bonus cards, things might grow much more difficult. Every wheel segment has a playing card aesthetic. They are available in all four suits—spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds—and vary in value from Ace to King. Players can also choose to place bets on groups of cards, such as all four Queens across the four suits. 

You win 40x your bet if you correctly anticipate the wheel segment that is selected which is a pretty respectable payout. Keep in mind, however, that this is the stake utilised for each number, not the total. Technically, if you are betting on 12 numbers, you are placing 12 different bets with the same stakes each. So even though the wheel used in this live game is more reminiscent of a roulette wheel, the way bets are valued is markedly different. 

The Greatest Cards Show Live Explanation

Are The Greatest Cards Show Live Features A Royal Flush?

The Greatest Cards Show live is one of Playtech’s highest-budget releases since Adventures Beyond Wonderland. Playtech has developed its own unique concept and IP here, meaning that players are treated to a new concept within the live casino game genre that they have never experienced before. All the fun takes place in a purpose-built studio which is made to look like a circus tent, which seems to echo a few of the carnival-style visual elements seen in the aforementioned Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

While the user interface of the Greatest Cards Show makes choosing wagers simple, gameplay becomes a bit more complex when any of the bonus features become active. The three bonus rounds are triggered in different ways. Five to twelve cards are marked as gold and silver before each round. A bonus mini-game will launch if you use a card that was designated as a bonus card to win a wager. The sole exception is the Joker Bonus Round, which begins when the pointer touches the Joker sector. 

When you place and win a wager on a card with a silver outline, the Spotlight Bonus begins. Everyone who placed a wager on the winning card is eligible for the bonus.

The image of your winning card will become an anthropomorphized AR character on screen. Next, it will approach one of three lamps displaying multipliers ranging from 50x to 2000x. The lamp it approaches is the prize you win.

Players qualify for the Light Show Bonus if they win a wager on a card with a gold outline.

Players pick one of three coloured light bulbs. A 20-spot 5x4 grid with multiplier values ranging from 50x to 5000x is displayed. The grid will then be filled with moving coloured dots. The multiplier that appears in the area where the player's selected colour stops will be awarded to them. 

You can take part in the Joker Bonus whenever the wheel falls on the Joker. To choose which players will participate, the wheel will spin once more. You will be eligible if the second spin of the wheel lands on a card that you have bet on.

The four card suits compete in this minigame. The multiplier for each suit is determined at random and can reach 1,000x. After each player chooses a suit, the four suits compete against one another. Next, the four suits are arranged into three groups according to how well they performed in the duels. The first place goes to one kind of card, the second place goes to another, and the third place is split between the other two.

The Greatest Cards Show Live Features

Does The Greatest Cards Show Live Payouts Deal Out Top Prizes?

The Greatest Cards Show has a straightforward but volatile payout structure. Bonus round prizes can be a range of multiplier values, while basic wins pay out a flat prize of 40x.

The game's overall RTP is 96.67%. Though the 40x payout is high, players have a very low 1.85% chance of winning this way when wagering on a single card value. 

The paytable for The Greatest Cards Show Live is as follows:

Payout Type


Basic Bet

40x total wager

Spotlight Bonus Game

50-2000x total wager

Light Show Bonus Game

50-2000x total wager

Joker Bonus Game

100-1000x total wager (can be subject to additional multipliers.


The Greatest Cards Show Live Payouts

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Many consider Funky Time to be the spiritual successor to Crazy Time, and this game was probably the biggest live casino release of 2023. Funky Time has a 1970s disco theme and uses a digital prize wheel known as ‘digiwheel’. The game uses AR elements, mostly in the four bonus features; The Stayin’ Alive Bonus, Bar Bonus, Disco Bonus, and VIP Disco.

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Adventures Beyond Wonderland is considered to be the flagship game of Playtech’s live casino repertoire, and, with a crazy carnival theme, infused with elements from the storytelling of Lewis Carrol, this prizewheel game feels spiritually connected to The Greatest Cards Show Live game. Bonus features included in this game are Wonderspins, magic Dice, and Mystery Bonus spins.

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Crazy Pachinko is a game from Evolution Gaming which has much of the design elements seen in the Crazy Time live game. The gameplay of this one is completely different, however, as it centres around the popular Asian gambling game called Pachinko, where players predict the position a puck will land in when dropped from the top of the board. Features in this game include the Top Up Round, Bonus Round, and Double Segment.

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Play The Greatest Cards Show Live on Lord Ping

The Greatest Cards Show Live is a very exciting and innovative new game, which is unlike anything seen in the live casino genre. If you’d like to play this game, or any of the other amazing live casino games then sign up and play today at Lord Ping.



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