Unlocking Jumanji The Bonus Level: Gameplay Explained

Jumanji The Bonus Level Gameplay Explained


The famous Hollywood film "Jumanji" and live casino action are combined in Playtech's latest live game, Jumanji The Bonus Level. Jumanji The Bonus Level, the first Live game ever inspired by a Hollywood blockbuster, aspires to transform Live gaming after a rigorous three-year development process, representing a significant milestone in the gaming industry. The goal of this game is to fully introduce players to the fabled realm of Jumanji It is situated in one of the biggest and most intricate studios ever constructed for a live casino game show. But is this release really as groundbreaking as it is acclaimed to be? In today’s review, we aim to find out. One thing before we start though, if you’re looking to unveil the technical data and gameplay tutorials, then you’ll need to adventure to the Jumanji the Bonus level live casino game page instead of this review.

Jumanji The Bonus Level Game Details


Jumanji The Bonus Level


£0.10 - £2500


Playtech Live






Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC


96.58% - 96.82%


Android, Apple, Windows


Is Jumanji The Bonus Level An Exciting Adventure?

The popular Jumanji universe comes to life in the immersive live casino game Jumanji: The Next Level. Two 43-segment wheels that are oriented so that their side edges face the players serve as the game's principal feature and resemble slots.

It's an exhilarating journey through the jungle with lots of obstacles and surprises. Live hosts make sure that the user can grasp all of the elements in this packed action adventure, but at its heart, the core gameplay of Jumanji: The Next Level is pretty easy to understand.

You get to select which movie character you want to play before each round begins. Ruby Roundhouse, Sheldon "Shelly" Oberon, Franklin "Mouse" Finbar, and Dr. Xander "Smoulder" Bravestone are the four characters from which you can select sadly, you won't see any characters from the original Jumanji movie, which is a shame for those Robin Williams fans.

Your selected character may be picked during a "Saving Jumanji" round, or they may win further payments. Every character has an equal opportunity to land. The main gameplay is based around the prize wheel with a selection of 8 wagers to make.

It is worth mentioning how high the production value of this game is. Everything has been specially designed to suit the theme, and even the host is dressed in safari gear.

Jumanji The Bonus Level Gameplay

Are the Jumanji The Bonus Level Features Next Level?

There are a total of six fully-fledged bonus rounds on offer in Jumanji: The Bonus level, which blows other feature-heavy live game shows such as Funky Time (which has 4 bonus rounds) out of the proverbial water. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Jungle Royale Bonus Round

Two player positions compete against the notorious antagonist Van Pelt in the Jungle Royale bonus round. It is your responsibility to select either Player 1 or Player 2. After that, each position will throw three rounds of objects towards Van Pelt. Every time between the two locations, the things are chosen at random.

The overall reward for each player's position in the round is increased by the multiplier associated with each item. Upon the conclusion of the game, each player receives a prize, which is determined by the random selection of the items placed in their designated positions. An additional 10x multiplier is applied to all rewards in the round if the sum of the multipliers of both sections is sufficient to overcome Van Pelt. Players can win between 4-27x their stake amount from this bonus.

Monkey Valley Bonus Round

In this bonus game, players need to pick a bridge crossing a dauntingly high valley. A group of monkeys crosses each bridge after you've made your choice, damaging it. This can even entirely damage the bridge, lowering your award. The value of multipliers that are left on the bridge of your choice will be your payout.

  • The prize range for the Low-Risk bridge is 10x–14x, with a 20% loss possibility.

  • The prize range for the medium-risk bridge is 15x–20x, with a 40% chance of loss.

  • The prize range for the High-Risk bridge is 25x–32x, with an 80% chance of loss.

Even if your bridge falls, you will still receive a 5x consolation prize. Without taking into account any further bonuses or multipliers, the total payout for this bonus round ranges from 4x to 27x.

Snake Bite Bonus Round

A 52-card custom deck featuring a basket, an antidote, or a snake is used to play the game. Five cards are dealt face down onto the table by the presenter after the deck has been shuffled. Your reward is based on the three cards you select.

Be aware that, depending on the cards you choose, you may be able to acquire many of these in each round. For example, you win a total of (10x+10x = 20x) if you happen to get two basket cards and one antidote card. Without taking into account any further bonuses or multipliers, the total payout for this bonus round ranges from 4x to 40x.

Wild Spin Bonus Round

This bonus game features a large prize wheel split into 54 segments with different symbols spread across them. When the round begins, the presenter spins the wheel. You will win the corresponding payout and be done with it if the wheel lands on one of the animal segments. The wheel spins once again and all animal multipliers are increased by five times if the pointer falls on a respin. All animal multipliers are doubled if it lands on a character instead, but only if you chose the matching character at the beginning of the round.

Path of Jumanji Bonus Round

Played like the board game from the original movie, The Path of Jumanji is a relatively complex bonus round.

There are four participant creatures in four colours for this board game. The objective is to get through the entire 15-step journey and gather as many rewards and multipliers as you can along the way. There is a multiplier of 1x, 2x, or 9x on every space you land. If your chosen animal walks on it, this multiplier is added to your overall prize.

In addition, every animal's path passes via the Green Dome, a unique area that appears twice. The Green Dome, if it lands, activates one more bonus, which includes multipliers ranging from 2 to 10 times, board progression, and the Saving Jumanji Bonus. The feature ends when one of the pieces reaches the end of the board with top payouts being 40x your total bet.

Rhino Run Cash Collect Bonus Round

Three different coloured chests with six slots each, arranged in three lines, serve as the focal point of the round. Each player takes turns designating one of the three colours as their own. Depending on your pick, your final round winnings are determined.

After that, in seven rounds, different prizes will fall from the sky onto the lines. These rewards include green jewels that can activate the Saving Jumanji Bonus and multipliers ranging from 1 to 10 times. In order to gather multipliers and diamonds on your queue, Cash Collect Coins are necessary. All winnings on a line are multiplied if more than one is present.

In addition, rhinos have the option to haphazardly sprint along the three lines and slam chests open to discover more rewards. This is the most volatile game featured in the Jumanji: the Bonus level game and is able to award prizes between 5-630x.

Saving Jumanji Bonus

The last bonus feature is special since it doesn't need a wager to be engaged in order to qualify. There are, however, two types of it and a minimum of three ways to initiate it.

  • For each player with an active bet, hitting Jaguar Heads on both wheels in the main game initiates the Saving Jumanji round. To save Jumanji, one of the four characters is chosen at random, and the person who chooses that character wins an 11x reward. Three more characters receive five times as much as a consolation prize.

  • Save Jumanji: the Next Level is a different bonus that can be unlocked during Path of Jumanji and/or Rhino Run.  In this instance, the payoff is a multiplier that is chosen at random from 100x to 1,570x.

Jumanji The Bonus Level Features

What are the Jumanji The Bonus Level Payouts Like?

With so many bonus rounds and showstopping additions, it’s hard to perfectly pin down the paytable for the Jumanji: The Bonus Level game. Additional bonuses and multipliers can occur during bonus rounds, and the values expressed in the chart below do not take these into account. Developers Playtech Live have clarified, however, that all payouts are capped at 5,000x a player's total wager.

Bet Type

Payout Values





Jungle Royale


Monkey Valley


Snake Bite


Wild Spin


Path of Jumanji


Rhino Run: Cash Collect


Saving Jumanji


Saving Jumanji (Path of Jumanji)


Saving Jumanji (Rhino Run)



Jumanji The Bonus Level Payouts

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Play Jumanji The Bonus Level on Lord Ping

Jumanji the Bonus Level is a live casino game that seriously pushes the established boundaries for what we’ve come to expect from live game shows. Some more traditional players might find this game a little too much, but fans of fun bonus games are sure to fall head over heels. Try out the Jumanji the Bonus Level game for yourself at Lord Ping. Sign up and play today.



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