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Pragmatic Play's ONE Blackjack is a single-hand, eight-deck multiplayer live blackjack game that was introduced in 2021 with the stand-out feature that there's ONE player seat, but an unlimited number of players who can take part. This live casino game features a bet range of £1 to £5,000 and a 99.28% RTP. ONE Blackjack has been specifically designed for live casino gaming on PC and mobile platforms.

Many describe ONE Blackjack as the height of Pragmatic Play's commitment to intricate and immersive live casino games, but what are Lord Ping's thoughts on the matter? Join our flippered friend as he puts ONE Blackjack Live under the microscope. (Please be aware, however, that for how-to-play instructions, you should check out the ONE Blackjack game page).


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ONE Blackjack Live Game Details


ONE Blackjack Live


£1.00  - £5,000


Pragmatic Play






Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC




Android, Apple, Windows


Is ONE Blackjack Live Gameplay Number One for Entertainment?

An eight-deck variation of standard blackjack, ONE Blackjack takes place in a fancy, yet elegantly simple studio with a regal purple and gold colour scheme. When players load the game the camera is positioned from the player's perspective, facing the dealer, enhancing the immersion.

After dealing two cards to each player and two to the dealer's hand, the dealer leaves one dealer card face down. Each player has the option to Stand, Hit, or Double Down. Players can select Split if there are two players. When doing this, it's important to remember that splits are not eligible for doubling down. In addition, players are limited to double downing on their first two cards in a round. Aces may only be dealt with one card when splitting them. Other than this, the standard blackjack game rules apply, as the dealer is required to stand on both soft and hard 17 and draw to 16.

Each round has a 12-second betting window which is the ideal balance between keeping gameplay swift, but also accessible for gamers who are new to blackjack, or like to take a little time when considering their wager. The dealer is required to stand on both soft and hard 17 and draw to 16.

ONE Blackjack Live dealer

What are the ONE Blackjack Live Features?

We’ve already highlighted the fact that ONE Blackjack stands out from the crowd by offering an immersive and personalised blackjack gaming experience to an unlimited number of players. Gameplay is seamlessly streamed in HD quality and the game is completely optimised for straightforward play across devices. The camera is positioned across the table from the dealer from the perspective of the player. These two qualities make ONE Blackjack Live one of the most immersive casino experiences outside of a real-world venue. 

ONE Blackjack expertly overcomes one of the issues which live casino developers were facing when translating Blackjack to a live casino format. Blackjack is typically a solitary game or a table game with very few players seated, each playing their own game against the dealer. While smaller table numbers suit real-world casinos that have a manageable number of patrons, when moved to an online casino setting, thousands of players can be active at any time and all want to play the same game. Many live casino games have embraced this communal aspect and shifted their gameplay rules to suit this. ONE Blackjack, however, makes it seem as though each player is taking a seat at their personal, individual, blackjack table while offering the convenience of live casino streaming, and still, celebrating the community aspect thanks to live chat, making this ONE Blackjack Lives; most stand out feature.

Blackjack ONE also features a selection of popular side bets, which are as follows:

  • Perfect Pairs: Betting on the likelihood of getting a pair in your opening hand is known as Perfect Pairs betting. The RTP for Perfect Pairs is 95.90%.

  • 21+3: The goal of this side bet is to determine how likely it is to form a poker hand using the first three visible cards—two player and one dealer card—in a hand. The payoff, which has an RTP of 96.30%, can range from 5:1 to 100:1, depending on the particular poker hand.

  • The Bust Bonus side bet pays out to players in the event that the dealer goes bust. Additionally, the payment increases with the quantity of cards held. 93.82% is the theoretical RTP rate.

  • Crazy 7: You can place a wager on the likelihood of drawing a 7 in the first draw with the Crazy 7 side bet. If the number is seven, you are compensated. In the event of multiples, the compensation is higher. RTP for Crazy 7 is 94.26%.

Six Card Charlie and Auto-Stand were also included by Pragmatic Play. According to the 6 Card Charlie Rule, even if the croupier lands a blackjack, you are automatically considered the winner of the round if you have six (or more) cards in your hand and you haven't gone bust.

With Auto-Stand, you can program the game to stand automatically when you hit a predefined hand value. The majority of players decide to stand at 17, while they can go up to 18 or 19.

dealing cards live in ONE Blackjack

Exploring The ONE Blackjack Live Payouts

ONE Blackjack Live follows the standard Blackjack payouts, with exception to the bonus side bets, which pay out as follows:

Side Bet

Payout Ratio

Perfect Pairs

Mixed Pair


Colored Pair


Perfect Pair









Straight Flush


Suited 3-of-a-kind


Bust Bonus

3 cards


4 cards


5 cards


6 cards


7 cards


8+ cards


Crazy 7

One 7


Pair of 7s (Unsuited)


Pair of 7s (Suited)


Three 7s (Unsuited)


Three 7s (Suited)



payouts in ONE Blackjack

One Blackjack vs. Traditional Blackjack

There are several ways in which ONE Blackjack is different from standard blackjack. First of all, unlike regular online Blackjack, which pits you against an AI dealer, this game is live and allows you to play against the dealer in real-time just like in a real-world venue. In ONE Blackjack, every participant has the same hand, unlike in other live blackjack games where players have different hands. While side bets like Perfect Pairs are common in a variety of Blackjack games, the "Crazy 7" side bet isn’t as commonly seen, and certainly not in traditional games. The Six Card Charlie rule is one that isn’t so often seen either.

Play ONE Blackjack Live on Lord Ping

ONE Blackjack Live has created a perfect blend between authentic and immersive real-world Blackjack gameplay, and the benefits and convenience of Live Casino gameplay. If you’d like to try the ONE Blackjack Live game for yourself, then sign up and play today at Lord Ping


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