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Crazy Pachinko Live Features


If you have a particularly keen eye you may have noticed a new game in our live casino game category. Introducing Evolution Gaming’s latest creation; Crazy Pachinko. Part slots part live gameshow, this is a highly unique formula that is set to shake up the live casino world. 

Today we are bringing you a comprehensive review of the Crazy Pachinko game, so if you’re looking for a how-to-play guide, please check out the game information instead.

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Is the Crazy Pachinko Gameplay Crazy Good Fun?

Following Crazy Time's popularity, Evolution Live has returned with yet another crazy-themed title. This time, we get to encounter a completely new idea because the brand-new live game Crazy Pachinko mixes slots with pachinko.

The newest live game from renowned developer Evolution Live is called Crazy Pachinko. Based on RNG slots, the core gameplay of Crazy Pachinko Live is supervised by a qualified host in a specially designed studio. The game changes to a Pachinko game when the bonus round, fittingly named Crazy Pachinko, is activated. A puck is dropped and skitters down the board until it lands in a slot. The location of the puck drop can award players with multipliers, extra puck drops, and other rewards. 

The fun takes place in a purpose-built studio which has Evolution Live’s near-patented high-production quality. The set has a purple green and gold theme and it looks like it's straight out of Willy Wonka’s infamous chocolate factory. The presenter is just as flashy wearing a gold suit or dress and wielding a glittery golden microphone. Some might find all these elements a little corny, but if you enjoy the visuals of the previous release, Crazy Time, then you’ll love what Crazy Pachinko has in store.

Crazy Pachinko Gameplay

Are the Crazy Pachinko Features Truly Crazy?

The Crazy Pachinko game has three clear phases; the main game phase, the top-up phase, and the bonus round. 

Top Up Round

Landing scatters will activate the bonus round and those that meet the requirements can pass the time playing the Top-Up game while they wait for the bonus round to start. This phase, like the Qualification Round, isn't really "live." It functions somewhat like a slot machine, and you have the entire allotted time to spin it as many times as you'd like. Additionally, since wagers in the Top-Up round are entirely voluntary, you can decide not to play.

The slot in this phase has 16 positions, split into 4 rows and 4 columns. Each location functions much like a separate reel, with outcomes that could include multipliers or nothing at all. The goal for players is to hit as many multipliers as they can. 

Bonus Round

The live dealer component of this game is activated during the Crazy Pachinko bonus round.  A large wall with obstacles is the focal point of the Crazy Pachinko Live bonus round. A puck is dropped by the presenter from the top, and it descends to the bottom. The puck will be nudged by the barriers, which will decide which way it falls. Ultimately, it fits into one of 16 slots, each of which holds 16 distinct prizes. This establishes your ultimate payment.

At the start, multipliers are randomly given to the locations at the bottom. Both potential multipliers on Scatter symbols and multipliers stacked up in the corresponding place at the bottom of the Top-Up slot boost these multipliers. 

Double Segment 

If the puck lands in the ‘double’ section all prizes will be doubled and the presenter will drop another puck. This can only occur once per bonus round.

Crazy Pachinko Features

What are the Crazy Pachinko Payouts?

The payout structure of Crazy Pachinko is dynamic rather than fixed, with no easy way to estimate wins or odds. 

There is a paytable on the slot machine during the qualifying phase, and it functions similarly to every other online slot machine you have ever seen. While hitting three Scatters is the ultimate aim, you can still obtain smaller prizes by combining three or more matching symbols in the traditional manner. The slot machine has seven payout symbols: J, Q, K, A, Cherries, and Bells. Classic card suites, such as the first four, are low-paying symbols; cherries and bells yield higher payouts. The game's info panel displays the rates for each symbol.

There is no set paytable for the Bonus and Top-up rounds either. Rather, they both go towards a single, large prize at the end, which is determined by the placement of the puck and the way the multipliers were piled. This is the ultimate formula used to determine Crazy Pachinko payouts:

Final multipliers are equal to (Pachinko multipliers x Scatter multipliers) + Top-Up multipliers.

Because of this, multipliers that appear on scatter symbols are quite valuable. They multiply the other multipliers in addition to applying to all 16 possible Bonus prizes, stacking them rather than adding to them. For regular spins, Crazy Pachinko Live's RTP is 96.04%.

Crazy Pachinko Payouts

Top Live Games from Evolution Gaming

Crazy Pachinko is only the latest in the series of top live games that Evolution Gaming has released. If you like what you see in Crazy Pachinko you might want to explore the games mentioned below.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is one of Evolution’s most beloved live gameshows. The action revolves around a large prize wheel and there are four exciting bonus features which can be triggered if the wheel stops on their respective segment.

Funky Time

Funky Time is a recent Evolution release which many players view as the sequel to the Crazy Time live game. Funky Time is also a live gameshow that has a large prize wheel and four bonus rounds, but this time there is a strong disco theme present and AR element incorporated into gameplay.

Mega Ball 

Mega Ball is a very unique live game from Evolution which fuses the live gameshow format with the popular game of bingo. In this game players need to match numbers on their cards just like traditional bingo, however, there are added multipliers, and an energising live host to shake things up.

Play Crazy Pachinko on Lord Ping

If you’re excited about the brand new Crazy Pachinko live game, then sign up and play today right here at Lord Ping. We wish you the best of luck on those all-important puck drops!


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