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In today’s article, we’ll be bringing you a rundown of the top live casino games created by development studio Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming is well-known for dominating the live casino scene and has shaken up the traditional formula with their releases such as their ‘Lightning’ series of games, and their Wheel of fortune games such as Crazy Time and the brand new Funky Time. Keep on reading to learn more.


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Crazy Time

With a wheel of fortune at its core, the live game show Crazy Time has a wacky fantasy atmosphere. The four bonus rounds in Evolution's live casino game Crazy Time set it apart from the other live games on offer (Coin Flip, Crazy Time, Pachinko, and Cash Hunt). The game was based on Evolution's original Dream Catcher reward wheel, which was modeled after the popular 1980s and 1990s television and fair Wheel of Fortune games. Bets on this game range from 10p-£1,000 per round and if you’d like to learn more you can read our review here.


Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is Evolution's answer to live roulette. Betting limits range from £0.20 to £10,000. It has a 97.30% RTP rate. The additional numbers multiplied wins, and skilled live dealers of the game are its main selling points. Lightning Roulette's Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts are the two primary supplemental features. The random number generator generates 1 to 5 Lucky Numbers for each round. If the ball lands on one of the designated Lucky Numbers and the player placed a straight-up wager on that number, the Lucky Numbers will pay out a multiplied amount. The Lucky Payouts multiplier options include 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 500x. To find out more about what Lord Ping thinks about Lightning Roulette check out the review here.


XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

With XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Evolution has upped its own ante offering a more extreme experience to its original Lightning Roulette release. In Evolution Gaming’s XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, 1–5 Lightning Numbers are generated and struck by lightning, just like they are in Lightning Roulette, with Lightning Multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x. Then, the XXXtreme Chain Lightning effect kicks in, possibly striking up to 10 additional bet areas with lightning. Then, with the possibility of Double Strikes, which can raise multipliers up to 2,000x, the XXXtreme lightning storm continues. To find out more, check out this article.


Monopoly Big Baller

Mr. Monopoly is returned to appear in a live game once more. Numerous betting options, an interactive host, and of course the board-based bonus that so many gamblers adore are all included in Monopoly Big Baller. Some players might consider this game to be a prequel to Monopoly Live. In this Evolution Gaming live casino game players can follow the action within the live gaming studio thanks to the game's several distinct camera perspectives. The lowest possible bet in Monopoly Big Baller is 0.10 each round and you can look forward to reading more about this game in our Monopoly Big Baller Game Feature Blog.


Instant Roulette

The Instant Roulette game, which is effectively a multi-wheel live European roulette game, was initially introduced at the ICE 2020. Twelve Auto Roulette wheels are used in the game, and they are set up in a studio. There are three rows with four wheels each, and for easy tracking, they are all numbered. The game is played similarly to regular European roulette, but quicker. There is only one betting interface on the bottom of the screen, despite the fact that there are 12 wheels. The 12 continuously spinning wheels take up the other portion of the screen. Although Instant Roulette is located in the Live Dealer section of most casinos, there is no real dealer present and there is no host available for player interaction. Here at Lord Ping, you can look forward to reading more about this game in our upcoming Instant Roulette Game Feature Blog.


Immersive Roulette

Online live dealer game from Evolution called Immersive Roulette. It offers a 97.3% RTP rate and £1 to $10,000 in betting limits.  With a real roulette wheel and a stunning female dealer behind it, the arrangement is more or less normal. The several camera perspectives that alternate continuously in a theatrical way in this game are what really make it fascinating.

A slow-motion replay of the spin will be shown once the wheel stops spinning, again through several camera angles.  In addition to the spectacular aesthetic elements, the game is standard European roulette with call bets (typical of French roulette) and all common inside/outside wagers. You can look forward to reading more about this game in our upcoming Immersive Roulette Game Feature Blog.



In 2020, Evolution released the live dealer casino game Monopoly Live. With a minimum stake of $0.10 and a maximum wager of $2,500, it boasts an RTP of 96.23%. The game has distinctive gameplay that mimics a game show and is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Monopoly Live has a lavish studio with the Monopoly logo. Even a virtual Mr. Monopoly is included, who can be seen reading the newspaper, drinking tea, or simply watching what's going on. But occasionally he'll get up and embark on one of his renowned expeditions.

A live presenter who spins the money wheel animates the players, and engages them in live chat is another key component of Monopoly by Evolution. You can learn more about Monopoly Live in our upcoming blog post. 


Crazy Coin Flip

A live dealer slot game called Crazy Coin Flip Live by Evolution was introduced in 2022. With a minimum wager of $0.10 and a maximum stake of $2,000, it boasts an RTP of 96.05%. The game combines live dealer features with online slot gaming and is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Live Crazy Coin Flip mixes online slots with Crazy Time-inspired live dealer elements. You have to play online slots to be eligible for the live bonus round, which is a unique concept. It's sort of a collision of two universes. Fans of live casino games and those of online slots don't frequently mingle, after all. You’ll be able to find out more about this game in our upcoming Crazy Coin Flip Live Game Blog.


Baccarat Squeeze

The thrill of card squeezing is brought online through Evolution Gaming's Live Baccarat Squeeze live casino game! The edges of the card will be gradually revealed by the dealer, giving you a preview of the upcoming card. The software vendor provides us with a wonderful, high-quality stream that comes straight from their studio. The dealers are amiable and laid-back, and unless they are in the middle of a squeeze, they will be delighted to converse.

This game has a 98.94% RTP. Eight decks are used, and they are regularly shuffled, during playing. There are also six bonus bets offered by Evolution Gaming. You can learn more about this game in our Baccarat Squeeze Live Game Feature Blog.


Infinite Blackjack

Launched in 2018, Infinite Blackjack is a live dealer Evolution BlackJack game. The RTP for the game is 97.30%. This game may be played on both desktop and mobile devices and has a maximum payoff of 500 times your wager.  You can place your bets whenever you want to sit down. However, when the dealer starts the hand, you'll witness a combination of live-streamed video and artificially created cards. Simply said, the drawn cards will show up in your UI.

You can then proceed as usual by choosing to hit, stand, double, or split. However, just because you hit stand won't stop the dealer from dealing more cards. More cards are pulled as long as one of the many players in the game keeps hitting. In contrast, the player's hand might bust. You can learn more about this game here.


Bac Bo

A live dealer casino game called Bac Bo Live by Evolution was introduced in 2021. With a minimum bet of $0.50 and a maximum stake of $10,000, it boasts an RTP of 98.87%. The game, which combines live Sic Bo with live Baccarat, is playable on both desktop and mobile devices. Comparing two sets of dice takes the place of the core concept of baccarat, which is comparing two-card hands. It is also immediately apparent that the game is user-friendly for beginners—even by baccarat standards. Bac Bo offers smooth action that everyone can comprehend, unlike live baccarat tables that might become slowed down by third-card regulations and other such things. To learn more you can read our upcoming Bac Bo Live Game Feature Blog.


Lightning Blackjack

Online live dealer blackjack game Lightning Blackjack Live by Evolution will be available in 2021. With a minimum bet of £1 and a maximum wager of £1,000, it claims an RTP of 99.59%. The game offers a top-notch live blackjack game with multipliers and is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.  Evolution's Lightning Blackjack operates similarly to a standard 21-draw variation. This implies that everyone has access to the same hand. The choices made by players, however, are totally individual. In other words, the dealer will continue drawing till 21 even if you choose to Stand. Only those players who selected to Hit will be able to use these new cards. Additionally, this indicates that there will always be an infinite number of seats available. To find out more, you can check out our upcoming Lightning Blackjack Game Feature Blog.


Lightning Baccarat

The rules of Lightning Baccarat are the same as those of regular Baccarat. The multipliers are the primary distinction, making your potential profits substantially larger. The studio's layout and decoration never cease to astound me when I watch Evolution. As soon as you start the game, you'll be greeted by a gorgeous black and gold Art Deco setting. The game is designed to be played on PC, tablet, and smartphone platforms and uses eight regular 52-card decks. You can look forward to reading more about this game in our upcoming Lightning Baccarat  Live Game Feature Blog.


Mega Ball

In 2020, Evolution released the live dealer casino game Mega Ball. With a minimum stake of £0.10 and a maximum wager of £100, it boasts an RTP of 95.40%. The game has special live casino bingo mechanics and is playable on desktop and mobile devices. Mega Ball is a game that borrows components from both game show gambling and bingo draws. Mega Ball features a flashy studio and energetic hosts, both male, and female, just like the most recent Evolution live dealer games. The host or hostess will welcome you as you arrive and point out the Ball Draw Machine, which has 51 spinning balls inside of it. Similar to bingo, the available cards are displayed below the broadcast. The game is comparable to online bingo, but there are also a lot of differences. For starters, you are not competing with other players and you are not required to finish a line first to win. We’re going to be talking more about Mega Ball in our upcoming Mega Ball Live Game Feature Blog.


Evolution Gaming’s Newest Live Game Show, Funky Time

Funky Time is Evolution’s newest creation that has certainly been causing a stir in the online casino world. Considered by many to be the next evolution of the Wheel of fortune live game (with Dreamcatcher and Crazy Time being its predecessors), Funky Time is a 1970s disco-themed live game show which includes four bonus rounds each with a top payout of £500,000. The RTP range for this game sits at a competitive 95.38-95.99% and the base game features 17 different betting options, with a great live host to guide you through proceedings. 


Play These Live Games By Evolution Gaming on Lord Ping

Outside of all being created by Evolution Gaming, there’s one thing these great live games all have in common; they can all be played right here at Lord Ping. To try them out for yourself, sign up and play today.



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